The top 10 most popular bugle blog articles of 2018

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Welcome to the top 10 list of bugle blog articles of 2018. These are the articles that had the best performance and generated more engagement throughout our digital channels. Come on in, and them out!

Top 10 bugle blog articles of 2018


1. Why online video training is the smart choice for your business

As a business professional or team leader, the opportunity to use training to motivate teams and improve results is probably something you’re already aware of. Still, the process by which the delivery of such training happens may raise some questions.
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2. Why having a Brand Academy can improve Marketing and Sales KPIs

The truth is that customer education can have a multifaceted impact across your business. Check out the 8 reasons that make having a brand academy a great asset to improve your marketing and sales KPIs.
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3. Why certificates are great for business

Offering certification is a way of setting your company apart as an industry leader, and it can also guarantee that your customers, partners and employees retained your training message and have an official (and beautiful!) certificate to show for it.
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4. The Simple Economics of Customer Education (Customer Training Academy ROI Calculator)

If you’re invested in customer success, you’re probably constantly wondering whether you are doing everything you can to maximize your customer retention rate.
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5. Top 6 Sales Challenges and how to fix them

No one would argue that the ability to sell is one of the most vital functions within any company. It is only by showcasing your product or services, and successfully persuading your clients of its merit, that you expect to make a profit as well as sustain and grow your business. 
Ironically or not, sales are usually the team that struggles the most. 
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6. 16 reasons to incorporate a training academy in your 2019 plan

The last quarter of the year is a busy time for most companies: in addition to the annual wrap-up that takes place amidst the growing holiday excitement, it is also time to plan and create a strategy for next year — which makes it the perfect time to build a business case for a company academy. 
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7. 5 Video Styles and which one to choose for your video training

Training videos come in all types of formats. In fact, one of the advantages of choosing video as a training medium is that you can choose a delivery format that is better suited to your content, to your training goals and to your target audience. This article focuses on different types of training videos. 
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8. Stop churn, facilitate growth: why customer education is key to success

In the business world, retention is permanently a hot topic. We all know that it typically costs far less to retain a customer than it does to acquire a new one. This is one of the reasons the acquisition funnel needs to be optimised at every stage to ensure that no one falls through the cracks.
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9. How to Create your Video Training Course: Step 2/8: Structure

We want to resume one of the topics we’re most passionate about: how to create a robust, effective and enjoyable training course. We’ve already covered the onset of the process with step 1: Scope. Now it is time for the step 2: Structure.
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10. 5 (not so) surprising ways to increase engagement with your key partners

Re-sellers, outsourcing and channel partners, suppliers, contractors, marketplace agents, franchisees… what do you need to do in order to keep all your partners happy and engaged?
It can be daunting to find new ways to maintain a lively interaction with your partners and continuously offer great support to foster this crucial business relationship that has such a big impact on your results. But partner engagement doesn’t have to be hard! All you need is to have some key strategies in place and the right tools to help you.
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Writen by Joana Fonseca
26-Dec-2018 16:06:00

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